“My stunt team all noted how very smooth things ran” – Stunt Coordinator – Atlanta, GA

Having worked with Precision Drivers Unlimited on a number of sets while performing as a stunt driver, I was pleased to have them today on my series, “Kevin (probably) Saves the World”. While the producers, director, and crew, all noted the professionalism, it meant more that 7 members of my stunt team who are also stunt coordinators all noted how very smooth things ran. This enabled us to get through our sequences quickly and safely. Having a team of experienced background drivers with good leadership within their group was an obvious value to production!

– Jennifer Badger, Stunt Coordinator


1-844-PDU-FILM            (1-844-738-3456)             Info@PrecisionDriversUnlimited.com        

“Recommend this company to anyone looking for an A list team” – Producer – NY

I recently produced a very challenging 17 day shoot that traveled through six states in the US and had the pleasure of working with Precision Drivers Unlimited’s David Godfrey and several other members of their fantastic team. Their skills, professionalism and dedication to the project and safety of all involved was simply outstanding. No matter what changes or requests our (leading auto corporation) client had, they were ready. Id recommend this company to anyone looking for an A list team.

– Elizabeth Amaral, Producer


1-844-PDU-FILM            (1-844-738-3456)             Info@PrecisionDriversUnlimited.com        

“Quality and Professionalism” – Stunt Coordinator – Atlanta, GA

“Would just like to drop a line, as a Stunt Coordinator here in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, I have only had good experiences with Precision Drivers Unlimited, they are a professional group who listens and follows directions very well and do exactly as requested, which is something I rely upon during a stunt sequence. No complaining, no grandstanding, and, most importantly, no distractions while I am focusing on the stunt drivers and actors during a take. If you are bringing a production to the Atlanta area, or coordinating one, I am sure you will be as pleased with the quality and professionalism of the PDU drivers as I am.
All the best,”

– David M Morizot, Stunt Coordinator

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1-844-PDU-FILM            (1-844-738-3456)             Info@PrecisionDriversUnlimited.com        

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