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Precision Drivers Unlimited is an experienced and highly-trained driving team for film, TV, commercials, and print advertising. Our drivers provide a safe support environment for Stunt Coordinators and their teams to get that perfect shot with confidence and efficiency.  We consist of SAG stunt performers, current & former law enforcement, racecar drivers, motorcycle riders, tractor trailer drivers, heavy equipment operators, and prior military.

Safe. Stunt. Support. That’s our mission.

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Our drivers are experienced in working around multiple types of camera trucks, insert cars, crane arms, and other rigging allowing productions to “get the shot” consistently, efficiently, and safely.

Our goal is to help productions lower costs while adding depth and a larger creative space for you to work in.

1-844-PDU-FILM            (1-844-738-3456)             Info@PrecisionDriversUnlimited.com        

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